Welcome toCorvus Conceptions The portfolio of UI/UX Designer Erik Goens

I am a seasoned 12 year internet veteran who loves to work on open source projects. I wouldn't consider myself a full-stack developer but I certainly like to get into everything that I can.

When I'm not working on new ways to improve the functionality of the internet, I am either biking or getting my hands dirty somewhere outside.

Design & Development

Deja Renew Creating new items from reclaimed materials

DejaRenew was in need of a full-scale design & development of their up-and-coming unique product company. I was given full responsibility from brand growth to their Ruby on Rails application development.

Circle City Rain Barrels Everything that grows needs water

A local rain barrel provider looking for a brand indentity and a web presence. The development of the site was a Wordpress intallation with a custom single-page-application template.

Along with the custom Wordpress integration, the client also wanted the ability to allow purchasing to take place online. This was achieved by using Stripe as a payment gateway.

IndyGo.net Indianapolis Public Transportation Corporation

IndyGo was looking for a re-implementation of their current design as well as a redeveloped modern-day application. Their existing site was migrated into a Ruby on Rails Refinery CMS solution.

BeeFree Logo Gluten-Free & Paleo Products

BeeFree Gluten-free Bakery is a local Indianapolis artisan dedicated to baking gluten-free, dairy-free treats that put a smile on your face and a giggle in your tummy. They were in need of a custom brand identity to help drive their mission and put them in a unique space in the Indianapolis area.

Water Cylce Logo Large scale natural water solutions

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